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Creamy Matte Lip Liner

2Lips By Milky Melanin Lip Liners

Create a fully defined lip that delivers, always.


Easily defined shape with this creamy liner. Coordinate your lip look with matching Liquid Matte Lipsticks or create a more bold definition by lining your lips in a darker shade. The lip options are limitless!

How to use/Apply

Step 1. Define a Cupid's Bow: Draw an X at the top center of lips.
Step 2. Outline Outer Lips: Slightly over draw at your natural lip line.
Step 3. Contour Inside Lips: Softly use liner in your lip corners and center of lip curves.
Step 4. Fill: Start from the center of your lips and fill in 2Lips By Milky Melanin Lip Liner.